Mailing Address:

844 White Lake Road,
Lafayette NJ 07871


Phone Numbers:

Site Owner: James C. Kimball (908) 917-7120

Property Manager: Ron Constable (732) 896-6943


Please note that the Sparta Day Camp is run at Camp Sacajawea by the township of Sparta. For any inquireies about the Sparta Day Camp, please contact:

Sparta Recreation




844 White Lake Road,
Sparta NJ 07871


  • From NY / NJ, Take I-80 West to Route 15 North.
  • Follow Route 15 for about 11 miles, until the highway narrows at a light and becomes a 2 lane road. Continue north.
  • Make a right onto White Lake Road, and follow it for about a mile - Camp Sacajawea is on the right side of the road, on a curve.
  • While there is a small lot out in front of the Main Building, it is HIGLY recommended that you park in the parking lot. The lot is back before the Main Building, before the Ranger's house. You can unload at the building and then park at the lot - this prevents double-parking and overcrowding during the event.

Upcoming Events

Realms of Adventure
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