Weekend Rental Prices (Friday – Sunday)

Currently the campground has full time committed renters for the weekends throughout each entire year. Available weekend dates are extremely limited. Contact the Camp Owner to discuss pricing and availability. Weekends are only rented as a package Fri-Sun, full camp use. Weekend prices and details are negotiated for each group based upon various considerations. If you run a group looking for a long-term rental contract (1 weekend every month of each year) you may put in a bid and be placed on a waiting list. Those who are interested in placing their group on the waiting list may contact James Kimball at: james@knightrealms.com

Filming Rental Prices (Mon – Thursday)

  • Package Price $2000 for Monday to Thursday Rental. Complimentary Late Sunday Night Check in and Early Friday monring Check out included. Price includes sleeping accomidations for your cast and crew up to 150 people.
  • Individual filming days are $500 per day, from 9am to Midnight.
  • All film rentals are of the full premises.

Weekday Rental Prices (Mon – Thursday)

  • Weekday (Entire Camp): $500
  • Weekday (Main Building + Great Hall Only): $250
  • Great Hall Only (5pm to 11pm): $100


  • Additional $50 per day for any rentals during winter months for energy costs. (Oct 1st to March 31st).
  • Weekdays are considered Mon – Thursday (Friday is part of the weekend packages).
  • Check-in and Checkout is at Noon, except for Great Hall Rental Only, which is not an overnight rental.
  • Individuals or groups planning to rent the entire campground are given preference when scheduling.
  • Groups planning to have attendance over 50 might be subject to an additional $2 per person surcharge.

Wedding Prices

  • Weekend Wedding - $2500 (Extremely limited availability)
  • Weekday Wedding - $1000 (Mon – Thursday)

Upcoming Events

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