Camp Sacajawea is comprised of 200 beautiful acres of land in Sparta NJ, right off of White Lake Road. The grounds consist of a several buildings, numerous set features, a lake with a beach, two ponds, a stream with bridges, countless trails and clearings as well as other natural areas of interest. The Camp can accomidate sleeping arangements for approximatly 200 people in the Winter and many more in the summer, spring fall. 

Main House / Great Hall

The first floor of the main house consists of one main foyer, two rooms, one bathroom with shower and two room kitchen area with an industrial stove/oven industrial refrigerators and industrial sinks. The second floor of the main house consists of four rooms and a larger bathroom with two stalls, and two showers.  Connected to the main house is the Great Hall, which can seat 150 people. The entire building is heated, has running water, electricity and plumbing. 

Main_House_Front         Main_House_Back  

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Health Lodge

The Health Lodge consists of a large main room with fireplace, a built in kitchen with sink, cabinets, oven/stove and refrigerator. There are two side rooms and a bathroom with shower. The cabin is heated, has running water, electricity and plumbing



Tower Cabin

The tower cabin is one large room, with a refrigerator and electric heat.



Waterfront Cabin

The Waterfront Cabin is one large room with electric heat.




Upcoming Events

  Sun Sep 22
Dystopia Rising
  Fri Sep 27
Realms of Adventure
  Fri Oct 04
  Fri Oct 11
  Fri Oct 18