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The day camp runs during the summer and is operated by the Township of Sparta NJ, recreation department.

Please contact them for information on how your child can get involved for the upcoming camp for this year! 

Sparta NJ Website:


Weekend Camping is from Friday to Sunday and you get exclusive use of a camp site within the property. You and all of your party have access to all the camp trails and outside areas for rest, relaxation, hiking, camp fires etc. Includes access to the lake and beach for swimming, fishing and boating. You could decide to do weekday camping as well, which would be any three days during the week that are between Monday and Thursday. 

Winter Flat Rate Main Building Rentals 

The following three buildings are our main buildings and only available to rent at a flat rate for the weekend

Main House - $500 (Sleeps 15-20 Socially Distanced, Electricity, Heat, Bathroom, Kitchen, Stove, Microwave, Fridge, Freezer) 

Health Center - $400 (Sleeps 8-10 Socially Distanced, Electricity, Heat, Bathroom, Kitchenette, Stove, Microwave, Fridge) 

Two Story Lodge - $300 (Sleeps 8-10 Socially Distanced, Electricity, Heat, Fridge, Microwave, Nearby Bathhouse) 

All other Cabin/Area Prices

All other camping areas are priced out per person. Per person prices are reduced with the increase of the number of people renting together. 


1 Person ($100)

2-5 People ($50 per person)

6-10 People ($40 per person)

11-20 People ($30 per person)

Winter Utilities Charge ($20 per cabin) - This is for electrical, oil, propane or pellet heat for a building. 

• In most cases an area will include a fire ring, nearby running water and at least one cabin with camp beds and electricity. Area may also include a couple of already set up 14x14 tents. Details vary from area to area and can be discussed while inquiring. 

Check-in Time

You can arrive as early as noon the Friday of. Please make sure the first one in your party who arrives texts and calls me (James) upon arrival, so that I can help you find your best spot and help you get situated by showing you around. My number is 908-917-7120


Your Campsite Area

based on my conversation with you leading up to the rental date, I will pick out the site that seems to fit your desires the most, unless you have requested a specific spot. If there are no other renters for the weekend, you will be allowed to switch spots if you’d like as long as I either help with or am made aware of the switch.


Common Areas

Any non-cabin areas that are outside your specific camping site is considered a common area, which includes the beach and lake.  If there are any other campers on the site over the weekend you may spot them in the common areas. Everyone please be courteous and respectful in sharing the common areas, especially the beach and lake. If there is any problems that are encounter you may contact the camp ranger (Ron) at the following phone number: 732-896-6943 . If you cannot get in touch with the ranger, you may call me (James) at 908-917-7120. While I will make every effort to inform you on the other groups that will be on the site during the same weekend, please feel free to inquire with me on the subject as well.


Cleanliness and Covid Prevention

The site you will be renting will be cleaned thoroughly prior to your arrival. Any cabin surfaces will be sprayed with Lysol and wiped down with bleach. Any common utilities such as bathrooms and hand washing stations will also be cleaned prior to your arrival. After your arrival it will be the renters responsibility to do their part in wiping down any surfaces or using their own preventative measures such as hand washing or sanitizer use. In the event that multiple groups are renting campsites on a weekend, we will take efforts to assign each group their own washhouse and bathroom facilities to use so that they are not forced to share those facilities with other unknown groups. If you wish to purchase exclusivity for a weekend, it will entail paying an additional $50 fee for each unused site (around $300 to $400) and will require no already existing bookings. Please be aware that exclusive booking is not terribly necessary for covid safety as the cabins/areas are well spaced out and there is plenty of space for several groups to rent and not commingle. 


Check Out

You are welcome to leave the rental at anytime, but in general by the early afternoon on Sunday is the expected vacating time. If you are aware of the location of the dumpsters, please bring your used garbage bags to the dumpster. If you are unaware of the dumpsters location, please tie and leave the bags indoors to avoid bears from scavenging through them after you leave.



As with any camping trip in the woods, please be mindful of the presence of wildlife. Although the presence of bears are somewhat rare and unlikely, it is still possible that a bear could wander close enough to be seen. The bears are generally more afraid of you then you are of them, however leaving food out in the open outside, especially when you have gone off for a walk, leads to the increased possibility of a bear wandering in and thinking he can eat your left out food or garbage. While you do not need to be overly worried, you should always exercise the proper caution and responsible camping practices. Feel free to ask us about bears or other wildlife if you wish.


Firewood can be purchased by the camp ranger at a price that is cheaper than purchasing wood at the grocery store. If you are interested in purchasing firewood, let us know and we will have some ready for you. You can always scavenge local deadfall on the camp, but it is mostly in the form of branches and twigs. If you find cut logs sitting around on camp, you may not take those for firewood as they are intended for other purposes.


Winter Month Rentals (Cold Weather) 

Winter renting is actually popular as we have heated cabins and the grounds could be beautiful and serene in the winter as well. After October the large tents will be taken down and running water will not be present deeper into the camp. There will be a small per cabin charge included for using oil, propane, pellets, or electricity for heat. If you have any questions or concerns about winter month renting, please direct your questions to us so we can help. 


There are different rates for the rental depending on how many campers are in your party. Payment needs to be made in full a week prior to the rental. Once that payment is made it is non-refundable and considered the rentals minimum payment regardless of any individual person cancelations. If more people are added to raise the number of people present to above the amount paid, then you can arrange to pay the difference in person on the weekend of the rental. Preferred method of pre-payment is paypal to or other forms of on-line payment. If no method of on-line payment is available then please let me know and we can discuss other methods.



To inquire about availability and solidify a booking, please contact James Kimball through e-mail at If other forms of communication are needed you may call and leave a message to 908-917-7120. 

I hope that this information packet has answered questions or brought clarity to the rental experience. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you do not feel was addressed here.


James Kimball


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