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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there hotels nearby?

There are several nearby options for those who would like nicer accommodations than camping style. Here are a few of them, more can be found with a google search. 

   - Hilton Garden Inn Rockaway (20 min away) 

   - Holiday Inn Express & Suites Newton Sparta (15 Min away)

   - The Wooden Duck Bed and Breakfast (15 Min away)

Do you allow Camper Vehicles?

While we do not have any specifically designed camper "Hookups" we do allow campers to be driven and parked on site. Specific location is for the renters to decide, but we do have spaces near electrical outlets, so that electricity can be accessed temporarily by a cord. 

Do you allow Pets? 

We are a pet friendly location and pets may be brought onto the property. We do ask that you exorcise responsibility in cleaning up messes and seeing to the safety of your pet. 

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