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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there hotels nearby?

There are several nearby options for those who would like nicer accommodations than camping style. Here are a few of them, more can be found with a google search. 

   - Hilton Garden Inn Rockaway (20 min away) 

   - Holiday Inn Express & Suites Newton Sparta (15 Min away)

   - The Wooden Duck Bed and Breakfast (15 Min away)

Do you allow Camper Vehicles?

While we do not have any specifically designed camper "Hookups" we do allow campers to be driven and parked on site. Specific location is for the renters to decide, but we do have spaces near electrical outlets, so that electricity can be accessed temporarily by a cord. 

Do you allow Pets? 

We are a pet friendly location and pets may be brought onto the property. We do ask that you exorcise responsibility in cleaning up messes and seeing to the safety of your pet. 

What does the rental include and not include?

The rental includes the physical campground space of a 200-acre campground with buildings and a lake. The rental includes several days and overnight sleeping accommodations for over 150.  The rental includes countless resources at the venues disposal, which can be inquired about while seeing the Campground. The rental does not include other wedding related services, such as a wedding officiate, photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. Food and alcohol are not provided by the venue.


Do you have more information on overnight sleeping?

The overnight accommodations are available in some packages and are provided at no additional cost.  The sleeping accommodations are as you would expect from a camp for camping; wooden or metal frame bunk beds with two-inch-thick camping mattresses. There are enough beds inside of cabins to sleep approximately 150 people. Beyond the buildings, outside of the winter months, there are also over a dozen large 14x14 canvas tents on platforms with camping mattresses. There is also space in grassy fields for those who wish to pitch their own tents or park their own RVs. 


Do you have more information on the Commercial Kitchen?

The Kitchen has two large commercial fridges, one large box freezer and one commercial stove with a flattop griddle and a four-burner range. There are also countless pots, pans and cooking utensils as well as prep space, rolling serving carts and heat retaining Cambro’s. The kitchen is capable of preparing food for 100 to 200 people and can be used by your caterer to either cook all food on site, or for re-heating and plating. All electricity and propane used from any kitchen use is included in the wedding packages and there are no additional charges. Kitchen can be used to cook breakfast and other meals if desired. 


Are activities allowed at the Lake?

Yes. For the duration of the rental, you have the option of allowing swimming, boating or fishing for your family or guests. We do not employ regular lifeguards, so all swimming is done at your own risk. We do have life vests, rowboats, canoes, paddle boats as well as paddles. You are allowed to bring your own boats as long as none of them have gas powered engines. 


Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are no additional taxes, gratuities, utility costs, or other hidden fees. The rental is a flat fee for use of premises determined by the particular package chosen. We do however require each couple to acquire wedding event insurance. This can be done on line within five minutes and only costs between 100 to 150 dollars. 

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